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Momesso Restaurant

ALESSANDRO MOMESSO, our dad and founder of Momesso’s, arrived from Italy in 1951.

Like many before him, Canada was the land of opportunity where dreams came true. His own dream was to make it as a professional soccer player here in Canada, just as he had accomplished in Italy. However, be it wrong era, wrong time or perhaps a sport far too young in its development at the time, this was just not meant to be.

Nevertheless, in life they say, when one door closes, a window sometimes opens… Alessandro Momesso was a perfect example of that philosophy.

After working at various jobs throughout the years, he took a chance and started a modest coffee place with simple food that eventually changed and grew into a restaurant built on the same traditions.


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Family-run restaurant

Which word best describes Italian Subs in Montreal you might ask?
Easy. Momesso’s.

Using only the freshest ingredients, prepared daily on site, is just one of many reasons to our success.

Our golden rule is simple: if it is not good enough for our family to eat, than it is not good enough to be served to our clients. Period.

The sausages in our Italian sausage sub, our best selling submarine, is prepared by the local butcher with our very own precise specifications.

Momesso restaurant remains a small family-run business, and as such, we treat and greet our clientele like our very own family.

Over 35 years of friendly service

Our story began with good old-fashioned hard work and unsurpassed quality. These attributes remain evident still today.

We personally take great pride in the fact that, for over 35 years, many have considered our restaurant an institution here in N.D.G., and above all, a true Montreal landmark.

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